Stereotypes – Media? Government? Social pressure s you have Positive representations of teens Your aspirations and how you will succeed Persuasive devices I don’t think it is right for the media/government to class all teenagers as lazy slobs because most teenagers are physically active and most are working and making something of their life. The social pressures […]

Fate is presented in Julius Caesar by cassius and Brutus trying to avoid fate by killing themselves before the civil war killed them because they got other people to kill them so they go heaven because if you commit suicide you go to hell not heaven so they tried to cheat fate by getting others […]

When Caesar says “the skies are painted with unnumber’d sparks” He could be saying that fate is like the sparks because sparks don’t last long and they disappear quickly, Caesar says that fate does not last long and it can disappear instantly.

This scene is talking about how Brutus and cassius camp is and if they should draw apart and attack start a civil war (there is also a lot of swearing in this part I.E the word HO) they are also talking about their doubts and if they should split apart of nah Brutus also speaks […]

Scene summary Act 4 scene 1 They are talking another cinna the poet who they put down to the floor or something because Antony octavius and lepidus thought that Cinna the poet was cinna the conspirator. It is a los taking about how publius must die and how they Will do it and where.

the crowd is going mental because the Antony has turned to public against Brutus. The public is looking for blood and they want to probably burn him from the quotation “burn him burn”

Wednesday 26th November 2014 Scene 3 Act 2 Antony has brought out Caesar body onto the stage in front of the Romans and countrymen. Every one shouts of “live Brutus live live.”. Antony keeps on saying he was an honourable man and he was ambitious to the crowd (Antony is talking about Caesar). Antony talks […]

If not, the fates with traitors do contrive. This means fate doesn’t exist, it’s our minds which make it real. It is also trying to say that fate is with the traitors who plan the dis pair to Caesar. My heart laments that virtue cannot live This could mean my heart regrets what is going […]

The heaven hath infused them with these spirits to make them instruments of fear, and warning unto some monstrous state. ACT 1 SCENE 3 This might mean that the heavens are putting these spirits into people to make people scared of the chaos of the spirits in people in an monstrous state. Unto some monstrous […]

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